About Us

Company Profile 51HiTech is a group company that uses new technology to create new value for all industries. We have four core technologies of VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and DA (Data Analysis), which are serving the real estate, automotive, advertising, education and entertainment industries. We introduce cutting-edge technologies into the business world, into everyone’s life. Founded in January 2015, 51HiTech has two subsidiaries, ie, Host Mobile Green Internet Technology Group Limited, and First MOMA Internet Technology (Beijing) Limited. 51HiTech has gradually evolved into an international company with 200 employees which has R&D institutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Frankfurt, covering 69 main cities and areas at home and abroad.

Say Hi to Tech. We are committed to help more and more brand customers and end users to enjoy the benefits of the 21st century wave of science and technology at work and life, to experience new technology brings new value.

69cities and areas
80 %market occupancy

Our Development Course

  • 2015

  • In May

    We first introduced VR and founded Beijing VR R&D Center

  • In June

    We launched first-generation VR sample home based on Oculus DK2

  • In September

    We entered the USA and founded the VR R&D Center in Silicon Valley

  • In October

    We developed and launched the second-generation VR sample home together with HTC Vive

  • 2016

  • In January

    We founded the VR R&D Center
    in Chengdu

  • In March

    We founded the VR R&D Center
    in Shanghai

  • In April

    We attended GTC16 Conference and released the third-generation VR sample home with AI function

  • In May

    We attended HTC Global Developer Competition and were awarded the Best Industry Application prize

  • In June

    At Guangzhou Kinghill OTC site, we launched the fourth-generation VR real estate demonstration platform with whole-scene, whole-platform and superlative functions, thus achieving the city-level VR home-viewing experience, which created a sensation in VR industry

  • In July

    we founded a branch in
    Sydney, Australia

  • In August

    We released the first multi-player
    VR Mecha Game

  • In September

    Our first VR multi-player mecha game Code51 was awarded first prize of the tenth iCAN VR/AR International Contest of Innovation

  • In October

    We launched the 51AI artificial intelligence saleswoman "Real Hugo"

  • In November

    We launched VR self-design software, namely 51Creator

  • In December

    51AR cooperates with Meta, the world\'s

  • 2017

  • In January

    Genius51 founded, entering VR education market.