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World-renowned VR BrandSince the release of first-generation VR sample home based on Oculus DK2 in June, 51VR has been dedicated to providing enterprises and
end-users with superlative VR contents and experience while maintaining industry leadership in all products

  • 2015

  • In May

    We first introduced VR and founded Beijing VR R&D Center

  • In June

    We launched first-generation VR sample home based on Oculus DK2

  • In September

    We entered the USA and founded the VR R&D Center in Silicon Valley

  • In October

    We developed and launched the second-generation VR sample home together with HTC Vive

  • 2016

  • In January

    We founded the VR R&D Center
    in Chengdu

  • In March

    We founded the VR R&D Center
    in Shanghai

  • In April

    We attended GTC16 Conference and released the third-generation VR sample home with AI function

  • In May

    We attended HTC Global Developer Competition and were awarded the Best Industry Application prize

  • In June

    At Guangzhou Kinghill OTC site, we launched the fourth-generation VR real estate demonstration platform with whole-scene, whole-platform and superlative functions, thus achieving the city-level VR home-viewing experience, which created a sensation in VR industry

  • In July

    we founded a branch in
    Sydney, Australia

  • In August

    We released the first multi-player
    VR Mecha Game

  • In September

    Our first VR multi-player mecha game Code51 was awarded first prize of the tenth iCAN VR/AR International Contest of Innovation

  • In October

    We launched the 51AI artificial intelligence saleswoman "Real Hugo"

  • In November

    We launched VR self-design software, namely 51Creator

  • In December

    51AR cooperates with Meta, the world\'s

  • 2017

  • In January

    Genius51 founded, entering VR education market.

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