WDP Platform

WDP developers can use simple and easy-to-use product suites to easily build digital and analog production industry applications. It is suitable for integrators and application developers in various vertical industries such as smart cities, parks, transportation, water affairs, etc.

The primary developers use visual development tools to develop zero code and low code applications, and quickly build prototype and simple application; The advanced developers adopt the Web SDK integration method to carry out secondary development, which is suitable for the deep customization requirements and complex industry application development.

WDP Industry Development Platform

Applicable for all industries, with rich variety of scenes

10+ industry templates
All-elements Digital Twin scenes
Continuous iteration of case library

Coding-free development, quick pick up

PPT-style content creation
Intuitive, GUI-based programming
Utilize all industry templates in one-click

One-stop creation with multi-terminals compatibility

Cross-platform supports
Synchronize with multiple terminals
One-stop control of the whole process