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Digital Twin Port of MCT&HCT in Shenzhen

51WORLD and China Merchants Holdings (International) Information Technology Company Limited (CMHIT) generated a Digital Twin Port, which pioneered in the dynamic data sources driven by real-time operation data based on AES and lifecycle simulation in the industry. Most importantly, clients could monitor all stages of the operation procedures, thus making fast strategic decisions.


An oil port in eastern China

The partners of 51 WORLD build a digital twin oil terminal based on WDP 4.0. It has realized oil terminal operation management, equipment management, and safety hazard management to ensure the operation efficiency and safety of the oil chemical terminal.

A large coal terminal in Tianjin

51WORLD built the intelligent port platform for a large coal terminal in Tianjin, which realizing the full-cycle, full-process and full-dynamic operation simulation from cargo arrival, loading , unloading, transfer, storage and departure. It committed to accelerating the realization of intelligent and green transformation of the port industry, and building a zero-carbon emission, safe, efficient, and industry-linked inetlligent operation platform for coal terminals.

A Chemical Plant in Central China

51WORLD built a Digital Twin Factory for a chemical plant in Central China and upgraded its comprehensive digital management of security, equipment and energy consumption. This platform collaborates with IoT data, connects with various terminal systems seamlessly, monitors the lifecycle of manufacturing procedures in a digital way, which enables the transition to a more sustainable factory.

2025 Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

51WORLD is committed to intelligent interconnection, restoring the original appearance of the factory through all-element scenes and intelligent interconnection, using the integrated management digital twin platform to improve the synergy efficiency of production elements, and achieving transparency from the workshop to the top. The past warning cases database enables the predictive maintenance of the system, reduces downtime, and facilitates digital upgrades.

Digital Twin Wind Farm

The platform can visually display wind energy data, real-time monitoring of environmental information, and make full use of clean resources. The platform can control the operation status of wind turbine equipment in real time, manage the equipment parts at the equipment part-level, ensure the stable output of clean energy, and apply electronic fences to ensure the stable operation of wind farms.

Digital Twin Smart Urban Power Supply Platform

It realize the management and control of One Map of the transmission, transformation and distribution business, break the data islands and perfect integration of multiple systems and multiple terminals.Through the three-dimensional display of multi-dimensional information of the power grid, breaking the limitations of two-dimensional space, realize the intelligent command and monitoring, efficient management of personnel, rapid fault location and integration of intelligent inspections makes inspections easier and efficient.

Digital Twin Smart Grid of Tangshan

This digital platform provides all-element management and real-time emergency response to deploy safety and security threat detection,thus stabilising the grids and the critical infrastructure.

The Testing System for Chang'e 5 Reentry Capsule

By simulating the returning and landing process, 51WORLD provides a digital 3D scene for the Chang'e 5 reentry capsule, in which it also assisted the drone in accomplishing tasks such as surveillance, emergency response, inspection and searching.

A Drill Platform for Simulated Flight of Drones

The simulated digital platform built by 51WORLD enables mission planning, flight control and load control of the UAV under semi-physical simulation conditions. It can simulate the environment for emergency drills, and provide practical value such as joint training and capability evaluation.

The Simulated Take-Off and Landing System for Aircrafts

By integrating data of aircraft movements and flight trajectories, 51WORLD simulated a comprehensive flight area containing the aircrafts, the runways and airspace, meeting the needs of take-off and landing status monitoring, training and playback.